Barb 2.jpg

Barb - Executive Director
As an eldercare advocate, I explore the individuality in each person I serve.  I enjoy delving into each person’s needs and function levels to adapt my care and make everyone’s life as fulfilling as possible.  I know that families are very busy, so it makes me feel good that I can be there in a time of need.  As a new grandma, I have plenty to share with my residents, and they have offered me lots of tips too!

Janine - Marketing Director
I’m so happy that we enjoy a great reputation with our current and former resident families and the entire community. The highlight of my day is helping families like yours find answers to the toughest questions. Your visit here is the beginning of our long-term relationship.  We know this is a tough decision, and it warms my heart when families share that they made the right choice when they chose Addington Place. 

Jude - Wellness Coordinator Nurse
I work with the most interesting and wonderful people.  There is so much variety here at Addington Place, that it’s impossible to get bored.  I really love seniors and find them extremely fascinating.  Memory care can be challenging but I enjoy finding solutions.  Once we overcome the challenges together, we are best friends.

Cora - Nurse
I have always been a geriatric nurse and I love long-term care.  I’ve been with Addington Place for the past 13 years which has given me an opportunity to form strong bonds and relationships with those I serve.  It’s wonderful to share so many wonderful moments, since we have many long-term residents.  And it’s great to see our friends age in place with our continuum of care.  This enables all of us to keep those strong bonds, even through end of life, including Hospice. 

Shelly - Life Enrichment Specialist
I, along with our three other Life Enrichment Specialists, make this a very special place to live, by keeping everyone happy and engaged in fulfilling, meaningful activities.  I like the personal relationships I build with families and residents.  I feel like I’ve become part of their family too. That’s why I’ve been here almost 17 years. You can really tell the difference when you walk into Addington Place.  

Nikki - Staffing Coordinator/Caregiver
I enjoy caring for all our residents and hearing their wonderful stories.  It can be a challenge to move into a new place, or for your memory to fade.  But, for the past eight years here at Addington Place, I faced each resident’s challenge head-on.  This enables me and my fellow caregivers to provide loving care that keeps them happy, active and safe.  We are all like one big happy family, residents and staff, alike.  

Lyndsay - Administrative Assistant
I’m here to greet you when you come to visit us.  And I’m so fortunate that I get to work with all the residents, as well.  I have a special place in my heart for seniors.  They have wonderful stories and great wisdom.  I love to assist everyone with anything they need.  In some cases, it’s just having a conversation to build relationships and help someone feel better, especially when they’re having a bad day. 

Robbin - Weekend Receptionist  
If you come by on a weekend, I’m happy to show you around.  My mom lived here for almost two years and I also volunteered with activities before working here.  So, I know Addington Place from both sides.  I’ve been in your shoes.  I can assure you that Addington Place was the best decision I could have made for my mom.  I’m a testimony to the great care that all our residents receive.  The interaction with the residents and family members is what I enjoy most.  Come visit and see for yourself. 

Lovie - therapy dog
What makes a house a home?  It’s more than the furnishings and framed-pictures.  It’s the friends, a loving staff and other reminders of home.   Lovie, our furry friend, shares her love freely with those who need comfort, affection and help to make the transition to a new home easier for residents and their families.